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New Acquisition: Charlotte Guillard imprint

The Beinecke has just acquired an imprint by the French Renaissance printer, Charlotte Guillard, who managed a Parisian printing house with several successive husbands in the sixteenth century, printing over 158 different titles between 1537-1557.

Carranza's history of the early church councils


Bartolome Carranza, Summa Conciliorum et pontificum a Petro usaque ad Julium tertium succincte coplectens omnia quae alibi sparsim tradita sunt (Paris: Charlotte Guillard, widow of Claude Chevallon, 1555). Accession number 20994 in the Beinecke’s “Uncatalogued Acquisitions” database. For further information on Guillard, see Beatrice Beech, “Charlotte Guillard: A Sixteenth-Century Business Woman,” Renaissance Quarterly xxxvi (1983): 345-367.