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Splendid Mansion, Magnificent Furniture, and Other Effects

An annotated sale catalogue of the posthumous auction of the possessions of the notorious Queen Caroline, a recent addition to the Beinecke collections.

Chins of Mutton with Pickles

First Course

; as, roasted Fowls, forc’d.
Fish; as, Jowl of Salmon, boil’d with Smelts, &c.  Carp and Tench stew’d; Collar’d Eel with Crayfish, &c. Roasted Lobsters, Bisque of Shell-fish.
Boil’d Beef, Mutton, Veal, with Greens, Roots, &c.
Calf’s Head.
Breast of Veal ragou’d
Chine of Mutton with Pickles
Neats Tongue and Uider, roasted or boil’d, with Cauliflower or Brocoli, if to be had.
Beans and Bacon.
Pastry; as Boil’d Puddens of several sorts, Chicken or other Pyes.

Second Course.
; as, Haunch of Venison, Leverets or Fawn roasted, Quarter of Kid, &c.
Poultry; as Turkey-Pouts or Quails, young Ducks, Green Geese, roasted
Fish; as, Collard’d Eels, roasted Lobsters, Prawns, or Cray-fish
Asparagus upon Toasts
Green Pease
Pastry; as, Orangado-pye, Tarts, Custards, Cheese-cakes, Creams, &c.
Fruits; as, Apples, Strawberries, Cherries, &c.

From The Family Magazine in Two Parts (London, 1741), a recent addition to the Beinecke collections.