Welcomes, Introductions, Explorations of Purpose

Welcome to the new academic year for Early Modern at the Beinecke, a blog for the British and European print and manuscript collections, 1500-1800, at Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.


Each month, Early Modern at the Beinecke will explore an area of the early modern collections, introducing not only the materials themselves but their stories as objects or collections. As items in a rare book library, books and manuscripts are met and understood in many spaces and contexts. These essays will delve into the translations which occur as works move between the database and the reading room, the stacks and the footnote, the conservation lab and the classroom.


Early Modern at the Beinecke also peeks inside the reading room. The voices of researchers in the Beinecke collections can be heard in “From the Reading Room,” a column featuring postings by visiting researchers, Yale graduate fellows, and other researchers in the collections.


Early Modern at the Beinecke invites its readers to participate in the social life of the Beinecke’s early modern collections. Exhibitions, lectures, new resources, and events relating to the early modern collections will be announced; these are always free and open to the public. Further information on events can be found on the Beinecke’s calendar of events. Questions on the Beinecke’s location and hours can usually be answered on its web-site.


For further information on Early Modern at the Beinecke or on the Beinecke’s early modern collections, please feel free to contact Kathryn James, the Beinecke’s Assistant Curator for Early Modern Books and Manuscripts & the Osborn Collection at kathryn.james@yale.edu.

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