A most Notable Example of an Ungracious Son


“A most Notable Example of an Ungracious Son,
who in pride of his heart denyed his own Father, and how for his offence,
turned his Meat to loathsome Toads.
To the Tune of, Lord Derby.”


“To a new playhouse tune
Can Life be a Blessing
That’s worth our possessing?” (and other ditties)


One from several dozen late seventeenth-century ballads with woodcut illustrations which have been scanned and included in the Beinecke’s Digital Images. To find these and others, use the search term Ballads.


“Beauty’s Cruelty, or, the Passionate Lover, An Excellent new Play-Song, much in Request.”


“Love in a Maze, or, The Young-Man put to his Dumps.
Here in this Song you may behold and see
A gallant Girl obtain’d by Wit and Honesty;
All you that hear my Song, and mark it but aright,
Will say true love’s worth gold, and breeds delight.
To a pleasant new Tune, called, The true Lovers delight; Or, The Cambridge Horn.”

Scans of these and other ballads can be found in the Beinecke’s Digital Images collection; they are in the public domain.

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