Exercising Brachyographically

For the scientifically-inclined verb learner, instructions on the creation of linguistic tables, with directions for their use:


“Take a square sheet of paper of the size of a quarto or post paper; fold it length way into four equal parts, and then open it again; this will procure you 3 perpendicular principal lines. Divide afterwards with a pair of compasses, your page, thus marked with three perpendicular lines, so as to obtain 25 horizontal ones, or there about, which you will draw with a pencil and a rule according to the following directions. … The effect of this preparation will be such as is represented in the annexed Plate I.”


Jean-Nicolas Jouin de Sauseuil, The Brachygraphy of the French verbs … the whole reduced and framed upon the new and only true system of conjugating the French vergs; and accompanied with a copious List of them at the End, and a Key to facilitate the use and understanding of the work. London: by Edward and Charles Dilly in the Poultry; and sold by J. and J. Fletcher, at Oxford; and T. Merril, at Cambridge, 1772. A recent acquisition.

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