Bowles’s Geographical Game of Europe


Bowles’s Geographical Game of Europe, In a New, complete, and elegant Tour through the different Kingdoms, States, Cities, &c. of Europe: Designed by Dr. NUGENT. London: Printed for the Proprietors, Bowles and Carver, No. 69, St. Paul’s Church-Yard, [1795]. Beinecke call number: Osborn pc259.   A later edition of one of the first geographical games, published by Bowles in 1759.


“Directions for Playing: Two or more Ladies or Gentlemen having agreed to make an elegant and instructing TOUR of EUROPE, are represented by Pillars, and play the Game according to the following Rules:…”


Publisher’s advertisements on the case and linen map promote Bowles’s Geographical Games of the World and England, as well as geographical cards of principal cities, ancient history, and optical cards, “to be regularly studied from the first to the last.”

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