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Commonplacing: theory and practice

Locke's commonplace book


Above, Locke’s New method of a common-place-book, from the 1705 posthumous edition of his works (Beinecke call number K8 L79 a706); below, Osborn b192, the “anonymous manuscript, containing notes on reading, theology, heraldry, a Latin poem, a sermon and “For Free lending,” a dialogue, as well as financial figures.”

Beinecke Research Fellowships

The Beinecke offers research fellowships in all areas of early modern scholarship. For visiting scholars, the Beinecke hosts both short- and long-term post-doctoral research fellowships; for Yale graduate students, research fellowships are offered for pre- and post-prospectus projects. For further information, visit the “Fellowships” category of the Beinecke Library web-site.

Flon flon, and other scurrilous songs to sing

From a recent acquisition, a French manuscript album of “chansons satiriques sur les evenements politiques francais de 1709 et 1713”:

Sur l’air a la facon de Barbarie

Sans regarder derrier toy

Lui avanse le vicomte,

avec ta femme comme on croit

tu combattras sans honte;

Et lui garderas du flon flon

La faridondaine la faridondon

C’en le seul combat qui te duil


A la facon de Barbarie

Mon amy.



The Politics of the Free Market, c. 1664

This anonymous pamphlet, written by Charpentier at the request of Colbert, was one of the first publications to discuss the founding of the French East India Company.

Charpentier’s Discours d’un fiedele sujet du Roy, touchant l’establissement d’une compagnie Francoise pour le commerce des Indes Orientales: Adresse a tous les Francoise (Paris: n.p., 1664).

Separating the Sheep from the Calves

For anyone with a yen to separate the sheep from the calves–or mottled calf, as the case may be.

Future of the History of the Book

Please join us this Thursday, October 16, for a lecture by John Palfrey in the Beinecke Lectures in the History of the Book series, entitled “Digital readers: the future of the history of the book.”

John Palfrey is the new Vice Dean of the Harvard Law Library, a Professor of Law at the Harvard Law School and the Co-Director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.  The lecture will be held at 4PM in the Beinecke Library, rooms 38 & 39.