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Digital Commonplacing

Three commonplace books from the Osborn collection of English literary and historical manuscripts have been placed in the Beinecke flickr commons, for reader’s readings, writings, and paleographical perplexities. The digital commonplace can be found on the Beinecke Flickr Laboratory Photostream, at:

The works are: Osborn b205, a mid-17th century commonplace book which includes Shakespeare’s second sonnet; Osborn b115, a late-17th century commonplace book, most likely from a Cambridge University member and containing bawdy and satirical verses; Osborn b356, an 18th-century commonplace book containing poems by Herrick, Jonson, Corbet, and many unidentified poets. Poetic identifications welcome, the more spurious the better.

Read, delight, excoriate, enjoy!